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At DASH we offer many beauty treatments and aesthetics performed by our amazing team of passionate therapists. 

Katy is a talented lash tech and lash trainer, her passion for lashes and teaching is second to none and the reason she founded DASH and wanted to create a space of like minded boss babes to work alongside her. 

Chantelle is known for her creativity with nails, she truly is an artist. She also offers many other beauty treatments alongside nails. 

Chantelle is our nail tech trainer.

Vicky is known for her amazing talent at painting faces, she is an amazing makeup artist. This isn’t all Vicky provides, oh no! She also offers aesthetic treatments and semi permanent lashes. 

Vicky is our aesthetics trainer.

Gemma is a talented lash technician and so passionate about creating beautiful lash sets for her clients. She also offers spray tans and lush facials. 

Gemma is our spray tan trainer.

Mandy is known for being the brow queen! Her talent and passion for creating the most amazing brows for each individual client is admiring to see. She also offers the most relaxing facials. 

Mandy is the brow trainer.

Katie is the microblading pro! She is so talented and passionate about eyebrows and loves to be part of her clients brow journey.

The vibe in our salon/academy is uplifting, fun, positive, vibrant, welcome, friendly and down to earth. We absolutely thrive off making people feel their best and guarantee you will leave feeling empowered.





Hey! My name is Katy West I am the owner of DASH. I am a true Aquarius, fearless and I value freedom so much!

I started my journey in the beauty industry at 28 years old which is now 6 years ago. I was so nervous about this as I felt I may be too old and didn’t have much self belief in myself at the time but I somehow just went for it. Boy am I glad I did! The beauty course was literally like therapy for me as at that point in my life I was going through the worst time of my life. I started to gain confidence in myself, I started to like and love myself, I started to be proud of myself after completing and passing each treatment. I felt a passion and fire inside me once performing these treatments on models as I was able to help them feel good about themselves, and little did they know that helped me. 

Once I completed my beauty therapy course, I set up doing mobile clients alongside a job I had as a interiors merchandiser. I then decided to work in a salon employed, but I didn’t like not being able to choose what treatments I wanted to offer as I didn’t want to offer everything I had learnt. My next step was then to rent a space in a salon which I did a couple of times but my clientele wasn’t big enough yet so I ended up paying more out than I brought in. I then had a  push  from my mum who said she believed I could do this full time from home. I have always been fearless and decided yes lets do this! At this point I was offering lashes, brows and facials in my living room. I absolutely loved it and so did my clients. I made the most amazing friends whilst pampering people, it really was a win-win! I started to make real good money from it,  I was able to become independent and afford my own car payments. It really was the most amazing feeling and still is. 

I then went on to complete a level 3 AET teaching course as I really wanted to be part of peoples journey coming into the beauty industry, passing on my knowledge and showing them how life changing it has been for me and if I can do it anyone can!

October 2020 DASH was born! Just before covid too! I was so determined and driven to make this work, even though I had no money behind me, no savings nothing, just pure passion and determination. 2 years on and DASH is thriving and I am still growing and progressing which I absolutely love! 

One thing I must say is that I work on my mindset daily, I follow the law of attraction and realized a long time ago now that our thoughts create our reality. Manifesting is real but you must also take action alongside it. If this interests you then I recommend either watching or reading “The secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

Thank you for reading my shortened story x

If you are sitting on the fence about joining the beauty industry because you have fears or doubt yourself then please STOP NOW. I had them same fears and doubts but I fought through it and now I live life on my own terms, do what I love daily and don’t work a day in my life as this I cannot call work. 

Check out our social media to see how normal (or not) we are and know that you will be in the right hands to start your exciting life changing new journey. 

All my love and positivity, Katy 


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